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VAT Registration and Enlistment

Every business in this country is required to have a Unique Business Identification Number (BIN). To get a BIN, a business is required to receive a VAT registration certificate.

To continue your business operation including participating in the tender, banking activities and export and import you need to apply for VAT registration and receive a Business Identification Number (BIN).

How to Apply for VAT registration:

Applying for VAT registration is free but there are requirements you have to meet for enlistment. You need to provide the right information to support your application. This will also reduce possible delays in processing your request.

BIN Enlistment:

Everybody can apply for free, only those who are entitled will get and hold a BIN.

To get a BIN you need to be carrying an enterprise. If your BIN application has been successful your details are stored in the IVAS (integrated VAT Administration System) at NBR.

If you need any support or assistance in applying for BIN Enlistment, you can contact us

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