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Employee Tax Return Assessment 2022-2023 (Section 108A)

According to the income tax section 108A, every company has to submit the statement of (i) The name, designation and the Taxpayer’s Identification Number, (ii) Date of filing of the return of income; and (iii) The serial number provided by the income tax authority upon filing of the return, without the said statement the tax authorities do not consider this salary as an expense.

We, the business associate, provides the services on an HR contact basis, collected the tax document of all employee/staff and based on that prepare the Tax return assessment and submit the return to the respective tax office, and finally provided tax return acknowledgment slip or income tax certificate as per client requirements.

Required Document:

  1. Salary Statement
  2. TDS Deduction Certificate (Salary)
  3. Bank Statement (from 01.07.2021 to 30.06.2022)
  4. TDS copy from Bank FDR & DPS (if any)
  5. Car Tax Token (AIT) (if any)
  6. Flat/Land/Car or any other assets purchase deed (if any)
  7. Bank Loan Sanction Letter & Loan outstanding certificate (if any)
  8. Any other source of Income (if any)
  9. Last year’s Tax Return Copy.

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