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The easy way to obtain a TIN certificate in Bangladesh.

TIN (Tax Identification Number) certificate is very important for every person who is living in Bangladesh, for continuing business in Bangladesh (opening a bank account, applying for BIN enlistment, company registration) and submitting an Income tax return file TIN (Tax Identification Number) is must.

Today we will discuss step by step how to get or obtain a TIN certificate in a simple way in Bangladesh.

Required Document for Obtaining TIN Certificate

  1. Individual (Bangladeshi): National ID Card Only.
  2. Individual (Foreigner): Work Permit, VISA & Passport.
  3. Company: Company Registration Number (Form XII).

Step 1:

Go NBR Site:, You will see this enter phase

Step 2:

Press-Register button & you will see this enter phase below

Fill in the required information and press submit button, you get OTP on your mobile and then press the login button and put the received OTP, you will find this Enter-phase.

Step 3:

Now press the TIN application button and put the information which is required for you and press submit again.

Your application is complete and you will find this enter phase, you received automatically email from NBR site with TIN certificate. you can also download your TIN certificate from here and keep it for future referance.

Please note. Only required attachment (work permit) for foreigners TIN certificate.

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